I have already given the recipe for rasgullas in one of my earlier posts. That particular recipe using 1 litre milk would make around 20 medium sized rasgullas. For rasmalais we use rasgullas that are made slightly flattened, not exact round ones. This recipe is for making rasmalais using 12 rasgullas.

‎12 rasgullas made slightly flattened,
3 cups of milk (I have used low fat milk for both making rasgullas and rasmalais),
2 tbsps sugar,
2 tbsps almonds and pistachios slivered,
1/4 tsp cardamom powder,
a pinch of saffron

Boil the milk on medium flame. Keep it on the flame till the 3 cups of milk gets reduced to around 2 cups. It will take around 25 minutes for this to happen. You must take care to keep stirring ON AND OFF (not necessarily all the time, I never stir all the time) to avoid the milk getting burnt in the bottom. When the milk is reduced (it will not be thick at this point, will still be watery), add the sugar. Stir. Wait till it gets dissolved in the milk. Add the cardamom powder. Squeeze the rasgullas a bit (dont drain off all the water, just a bit of water should be drained) and add them to the milk. Let the milk boil with the rasgullas for 4 minutes for it to get soaked well and gets absorbed in the milk. Switch the flame off. Wait till it is room temperature. Add the saffron. Transfer them into the refrigerator. During serving time, garnish with slivered almonds and pistachios.


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