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For the love of my birth land: Payyoli Chicken Fry!

Payyoli is a town in the Malabar Coast of Kerala and I do not belong there. I was born and raised a little in Cochin and a little in Thrissur. I would have never thought of any dish from Payyoli of all places on earth ever in my life had I not moved away from Kerala and India. My research on food and authentic dishes starts on an international level and ends in Kerala, always. Maybe I miss that place a lot and I have no idea when I would return... food is the closest replica I can create of my motherland... So, Payyoli Chicken Fry. I have probably had this when I have visited Paragon Hotel in Calicut several times. It is a probability because whenever I have visited the place we have over-ordered food to fill the table due to greed than hunger. And every single item you get in this place is brilliant. Either I have eaten this there or my Amma had created a close substitute at home that I can remember. This dish is very very popular in the Malabar area of Kerala and it is said to be

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