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Teh C Kosong and embracing the place I now call home!

I used to be addicted to my early morning 'Bru' coffee when I used to live in Kerala. I loved the simple coffee then, it was no frills and a predictive good blend. Times have changed and I no longer relish coffee like I used to. I almost hate the high end boutique coffee shops these days for what they charge for simple pleasures of life. Nor do I like the foamy cappuccinos or lattes or even the americanos. It is just not 'ours'. I now drink tea in all forms and have grown to love the local tea from kopitiams (coffeeshops) in Singapore. I have also started liking the super strong foamless coffee they serve that is surprisingly easy on my stomach, senses and purse. Why not Starbucks or Coffee Bean you ask? I don't want to pay five dollars for a simple tea or coffee with a name and flavour that does not do anything fancy to my imagination or Instagram feed.

Teh C Kosong as you get in the Kopitiam

Kopitiam is the local coffee shop in Singapore, an institution in itself…

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