Mango Delight!

Mango Delight! It's the mango season! Indulge!!! All thanks to my friend Jyoti who gave me this wonderful idea, and here it is! I have not mentioned any measurements in the recipe because there are none. Its imagination. And the lovely mangoes you get now:)))
I have used the ripened Banganapalli (there is a variety called Benishan, available in the Singapore local stores. It is the same as Banganapalli. You also get it everywhere in Little India) mangoes. Cut them into very small pieces and keep aside. Take some thick cream and add castor sugar to it. Mix and keep aside. Take Marie biscuits (2 for each serving bowl). Take a flat bowl of little bit milk, enough to soak the marie biscuits for a minute or two. Crush some extra marie biscuits and keep aside. For serving: A scoop of vanilla icecream.
We make this in individual serving bowls and keep in the refrigerator till serving. Take one bowl, put 2 tbsps of cream in it, first. Add 1-2 tsps of cut mangoes into it. Soak one marie biscuit in the milk (it should not be soaked to the point of it breaking up, it should still retain the shape but should be soft) and arrange on top of cream/mangoes. On top of the biscuit, arrange some more cut mangoes. Soak another biscuit and arrange on top of the mangoes. Arrange some more cut mangoes on top of the biscuit. Drizzle some more cream on top of this. Cover each bowl with clingwrap and leave it in the refrigerator till serving time. When ready to serve, sprinkle some crushed biscuits on top. Put in a scoop of vanilla icecream on one side. Decorate with a mango piece, grape/strawberry. A wafer would also look great on it.
VARIATIONS: Instead of marie biscuits, you can use a normal vanilla, store-bought sponge cake/marble cake. You can use strawberries instead of mangoes (if the strawberries are very sour, cut them into small pieces, mix them with sugar and keep in the refrigerator for an hour). Use strawberry icecream instead of vanilla icecream when using strawberries. You can also use the tinned mixed fruits to make this. Drain away all the syrup in the tinned fruit, using a colander. Move on with all the steps. End it with vanilla icecream.


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