Lemon and Herbs Chicken:)

 Dinner without chicken is a complete taboo in my house. I would have made atleast three vegetables and Madhav would fill his plate with all that, turn around, and ask me... "no chicken?" Today, was a packed day. I marinated chicken with salt, pepper and cornflour in the morning without having a clue as to what would be the final product... After coming back in the evening, i just threw in some herbs, lemon juice and big chillies along with onions and ginger-garlic to make this:)

Here goes the recipe:

 Boneless chicken breast- 250 gms
 Onions- 1 medium, chopped fine
 Ginger-Garlic crushed- 1 tsp
 Dried Oregano, Basil and Parsely- about 1/4 tsp each
 Big Green Chillies- as and how you prefer it to go spicy.
 Salt and Pepper - as per your taste
 Lemon Juice - 2 tbsps

Take the boneless chicken breasts and cut them into small pieces. Marinate them with salt, pepper and a little cornflour. Keep aside for 3 hours. Heat oil, add chopped onions to it. Saute, and then add crushed ginger-garlic to it. Saute only till transparent, not brown. Then add the chicken pieces. Stir fry on high flame. Add dried oregano, basil and parsley to it. Adjust salt and pepper. Take some big green chillies, cut them lengthwise, remove the seeds if you prefer it not too hot, and toss them into the chicken. Mix. Lower the flame to medium, sprinkle some water, cover and cook till the chicken is done. When done, add some chopped coriander leaves. The final product should be dry with the herbs coating the chicken well. Take off the flame. Then add lemon juice to it. Mix and serve.


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