Rasgullas:) Steamed Cottage Cheese in Sugar Syrup:)

Rasgullas!  Rasgullas are lower in calories as compared to other Indian sweets like gulab jamuns and burfi. They are not fried, but steamed. Here, I have made them using low fat/high calcium milk, so all the more reason to make and eat them!
‎1 litre full cream milk ( I have used low fat milk, it comes out perfect)
2 tbsps vinegar + 2 tbsps of water,
1- 1/2 cups of sugar,
3- 1/2 cups of water.

Heat the milk and as it comes to a boil, start adding the vinegar diluted with water, and curdle the milk. When the water and the chena is completely separate, immediately switch off the flame and put in lots if ice cubes into the mixture to stop the cooking process. Then transfer the mixture into a cheesecloth and run it under a tap with a pan beneath it. Hang this chena/paneer to drain off the water but avoid pressing it too much. The paneer should remain soft and not too dry. This is the most important point.

When the water is drained off, take a little paneer and mash it with yr fingers and see whether you are able to make a round ball with it, if the paneer is too dry you may not able to.

If able to make balls, knead the paneer on a clean surface till well mashed and divide them into round balls. If paneer is too dry, run it in a mixie and it will turn soft enough for you to make balls out of it.
Boil the water and sugar together in a pressure cooker, and when it starts boiling, add the paneer balls into it, and close the pressure cooker and keep on high till two rings appear and then on medium heat for 7 minutes,exact. (I use WMF pressure cooker. I dont know the time calculation for the normal 'seeti' pressure cooker). Immediately after turning off the heat, let out all the built up steam, and put the cooker under a running tap. Open it and you'll see that the rosogullas are done and spongy. You can add cardamom powder or rose water to the sugar syrup for added flavour. Rosogullas are served chilled.


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