Because life is not a fairytale...

I have not posted anything since a long time. As I sit down today, thinking of posting, I fail to find a recipe. I fail to find a picture to post. It has been long that I clicked food. It has been long that I baked. It has been long that I browsed food books, thinking of what new food I should cook for my family. Where did I stop being the person I used to be at one point in time?

Did I build sandcastles in the air? With rainbows and unicorns? How did I not realise at 38 years of age that sandcastles can crumble? There is this famous Yiddish proverb that I keep posting here and there and everywhere I find an opportunity...'Man plans, God laughs!' For a while, I thought my life was the best life in all imaginable ways. But we all get to learn lessons... and I learnt mine a bit late. Time to start over again. Realising that I make and break my happiness. It is my choice.

So, leaving yesterday to mourn over itself and hoping for a tomorrow that will bring bigger smiles to my face... I am smiling today, just because God decided to keep me alive today for whatever reason, He knows best.

Lots of love and happiness!


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